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What others say about us

Hi Binyomin,

I want to thank you very much and the committee for organising the Shabbat dinner, it was a very nice ruach and I enjoyed myself. Kind Regards and Shavuah tov.

Jeffrey Morris

Dear Moshe,

I want to thank you for the opportunity for Milton to meet, talk to and hopefully help these young people. I want you to know that the kiruv that you do is a real mitzvah in our eyes and we applaud all your efforts to help and engage these young Jewish adults. Milton enjoyed it, I was delighted to have them all in our home and Kol Hakavod to you. Wishing you and your family a Pesach Sameach ve Kasher.

Ilsa Levin

Thanks for putting on a great event. Great speaker, great crowd and the house was pretty great too!

Marcel Dybner

I found my first YJP event to be a warm and welcoming experience. A diverse group that I was able to connect with and look forward to be involved with in future.

Ellie Avram

The lecture provided great insight into the property market… The speaker was both engaging and inspiring.

David Khoen

Hi Binyomin,

Thanks for the quick reply!

On a side note can I send a quick thanks to Rabbi Kahn, Dina Kahn, yourself and the rest of the YJP team for the really great events that YJP puts on. I always really enjoy them.

Jessica Mense

It’s been so wonderful to be part of YJP, how far we have come and we still have so much engaging inspiring and involving to do for the young Melbourne Jewish Community in the future!

Jessica Chester