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DaMinyan was founded in 2007 and began as a small Minyan with just 15 members. Since its inception, it has experienced tremendous growth, and now has over 200 congregants, making it one of the fastest growing Shules in Australia.

DaMinyan is a unique Shule that was established to fill a void felt by our youth. Specifically, DaMinyan was created to cater to young Jewish adults from all backgrounds and walks of life. It operates in a warm, accepting and inspirational environment, and aims to ensure that all of its members are imbued with a strong sense of belonging, Jewish pride and community. Combining a serious commitment to Judaism, with a social and friendly atmosphere, DaMinyan is a Shule that has made a real and lasting impact on a significant and diverse range of people.


YJP Dinner, Services & Shofar Blowing Ceremony

New Years Dinner:

Moshe and Dina Kahn invite all YJP Members to join in the Rosh Hashanah Jewish New Year dinner on Sunday night 3rd October at their home. With the traditional apple dipped in honey, head of the fish, round Challah bread and all the other New Year symbols, the meal is set to be an enjoyable and meaningful way to celebrate Rosh Hashanah this year.

Daminyan Shule Service:

Join Daminyan for a meaningful, warm, friendly and inspiring experience this Jewish New Year.

Luckily enough, Daminyan has a special allocation of seats for YJP Members, so you will feel right at home.

Interested in booking a seat? RSVP via email (it’s all free of charge!) to let us know at info@yjp.org.au.


Yom Kippur Service & Breaking of the Fast

Yom Kippur is the holiest day in the Jewish Calendar. Customarily, people spend quite a significant amount of time in Shule on this day, spending the day in reflection mode.

What better way to spend the holiest day of the year around friends and like minded young adults and young families.

Join Daminyan over this Yom Kippur and experience real meaning and inspiration.

Interested in booking a seat? RSVP via email (it’s all free of charge!) to let us know at info@yjp.org.au

Of course, we’ll be having an delicious breaking of the fast on the Wednesday Night – so make sure you don’t miss it!


Simchat Torah Dinner & Lunch

Simchat Torah is a time of celebration. We celebrate the completion of the yearly Torah cycle by singing and dancing with the Torah.

Daminyan has been hosting festive Simchat Torah Night Dinners followed by the traditional night time dancing, as well as festive Simchat Torah Day Lunches following the traditional day time dancing.

YJP Members are invited to join in these tremendous experiences together with Daminyan members and spend this joyous festival on a high.

For inquiries, please email us at info@yjp.org.au

$25 Per Head for each meal.

Booking link to be posted soon.

Booking Info


Join one of Daminyan’s captivating weekly classes:


Tuesdays 8pm-9pm Womens Classes:


Beginners Talmud, presented by Dina Kahn


Wednesday 8:30pm-9:30pm Men’s Classes:


Weekly Torah Portion, presented by Moshe Kahn


Saturday (Shabbat) Morning 9:15am-10am Class:


Chasidic philosophy, presented by Moshe Kahn



Moshe Kahn

Rabbi & Director Daminyan

For all of your life cycle events, Rabbi Moshe & Dina Kahn are both available and ready to help you with all of your needs.

Give them a call!

Moshe: 0408 740 011

Dina: 0425 790 238


Dina Kahn

Co-Director Daminyan