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About Meet the Connectors

INTRODUCING the connectors behind the YJP Matchmaking Program!

After 12 months of sifting through an ever growing database and making countless calls and messages to our community of singles we thought a formal introduction to the team behind the program was due.

Join us for a candid Q&A to break the ice around dating in the J-Com with humour and honesty shared by the crew behind the scenes of the YJP Matchmaking Program.

The event will be hosted as a "HYBRID" streaming live on zoom and also open for attendees to join person in the Goldhirsch Hall at YJP H/Q.

Whether you're joining in person or virtually, RSVP and come meet the matchmakers! 

Laptop On Tray

Meet the Connectors

Candid Q&A with the Connectors behind our Matchmaking program.

Tuesday, 7 December 2021

9:00 am

YJP HQ / Virtual

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