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About Break / Fast with us

Yom Kippur is here and we've curated a way for you to connect and reflect on this special day.

Join us for:

Kol Nidrei, the opening Yom Kippur service with ancient melodies that will touch your soul. 7:20pm Tuesday.

Neilah, the high-energy closing service that will help you set your eyes on the prize for the year ahead. 7:00pm Wednesday.

Break fast, a joyous, hearty relief to close off the day. 8:00pm Wednesday.

Down for the full nine yards? Join us all day Wednesday at DaMinyan, starting from 9:15am.

Contact Yossi on 0406287673 for more info.

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Break / Fast with us

Join us for Yom Kippur, to pray, connect and break the fast.

Tuesday, 4 October 2022

8:15 am

YJP HQ, 1 A'beckett St, St Kilda East

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