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Community experience is at the heart of Jewish life. It's how we celebrate our culture, practice our traditions and share in each other's lifecycle milestones.

DaMinyan is an inclusive Jewish community where Jews of all stripes get together on Shabbat, Jewish Holidays and special occasions to connect, pray, learn, celebrate and make a toast to Jewish life.

We're proud partners with DaMinyan. Drop us a message and we'll make sure your welcomed there by a familiar face.


What are Shabbat Mornings at DaMinyan like?

DaMinyan runs weekly Shabbat Morning services.

Services begin at 10am, Torah Reading starts at around 11, Moshe's weekly message is at 11:30, followed by Mussaf at 11:45, give or take.

That's when the fun begins. Services are followed by a catered Kiddush where you're sure to enjoy a good bite, meet new faces and connect with Melbourne's dynamic Jewish community.

What is the DaMinyan community like?

DaMinyan is Melbourne's Shule / Community of Love.

It is a welcoming environment where an eclectic range of young Jews and families get together for all things Jewish.

What are Friday Evenings at DaMinyan like?

DaMinyan runs weekly spirited Friday Evening services to welcome in the Shabbat.

Our services are warm, lively and alive with song. You're sure to meet friendly faces, hear an inspirational message and walk out feeling the Shabbos high.

Services begin at candle lighting time and go for about 40 minutes.

Where is DaMinyan?

DaMinyan services are held in the Goldhirsch Hall, on the first floor of YJP HQ, right up the stairs on the right when you enter from 1 A’beckett St.

The social Kiddush after services is held in the Glick Cafeteria, on the ground floor of YJP HQ, straight ahead when you enter from A’beckett St.

Why do Jews go to Shule on Shabbat?

For a bunch of reasons.

Here’s a couple: connect with community, reflect on the week, celebrate Judaism, study Torah, share good times with friends and meet new people.

Go on, give it a shot!


An inclusive community centre and Shule in the heart of St Kilda East.

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