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The Mezuzah is an iconic Jewish symbol that adorns the front door of Jewish homes and offices and welcomes all those who enter.

The Mezuzah scroll is made of parchment and is inscribed with the hand-written text of the Shema, Judaism’s eternal proclamation of faith.

Drop us a line and we'll help you get Mezuzahs and install them on your front door.


I live in a rental. Can I install a Mezuzah without using a nail?

Yes, you certainly can! Shoot us a message at to request double-sided tape. It’ll hold up your Mezuzah without leaving a trace.

What is the reason for installing a Mezuzah on the front door?

Affixing the Mezuzah to the front door elevates the home or office, and all those who enter it, with a protective spiritual energy.

You can find more information about Mezuzah here:


Adorn your office or home doors with the iconic Mezuzah scroll.

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