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Judaism is home to a living three-thousand-year compendium of spirituality, law, history, philosophy and wisdom teachings: the Torah.

YJP Study is your perfect resource for accessing that knowledge, discovering its time-tested truths and becoming a more educated Jew. We provide diverse study offerings designed to engage both beginners and advanced Torah students.

Join us for a study session today as we write the next chapter in the evolving history of Torah tradition.


I’d like to explore a topic that isn’t currently being taught. Do you offer personalised study options?


Based on Yossi’s availability.

Shoot him a message at and he’ll get in touch to make a time to learn with you or set you up with another learned Jew.

I don’t read Hebrew. Can I attend the classes?

Of course!

All classes provide English materials, so you’ll certainly be able to follow along and participate.

And, if you do want to learn to read Hebrew, make sure to ask us about our 'Learn it in Hebrew' course.


Check out the study offerings that we are currently running and choose which one you want to join.

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Currently running

Looking for something else?

If what you're looking to study isn't being offered in our current study groups, reach out to Yossi at and he'll make sure to cut out time to help you explore your study interests.


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