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Mentor Workshop

Adam Schwab is an award-winning entrepreneur and has built Luxury Escapes into one of Australia’s most successful and loved businesses. Luxury Escapes is expected to turn over $1 billion this year and has more than 550 team members across four continents.

Adir Shiffman is a serial tech startup founder, investor, and Executive Chairman of global athlete analytics leader Catapult Sports (ASX: CAT). He has been rated the World’s 10th Most Innovative Person in Sports Business.

Together, Adir and Adam are not only good mates but also cynics, “insiders”, and overly candid when it comes to sharing their thoughts and opinions… These traits have paved the way for their new podcast The Contrarians!

Laptop On Tray

THE CONTRARIANS featuring Adir Shiffman and Adam Schwab

YJP is excited to host this dynamic duo together, candidly up close and in person at this not to be missed event.

Thursday, 2 November 2023

Luxury Escapes H/Q


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