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Promote Your Business

Use Our Database to Promote YOUR Programs, Events or Business


YJP Melbourne is happy to share it’s resources with you! Does your business have an event coming up which requires a shout out? Does your business have a program which you want a large group of people to see? Do you have a business that could use a little promotion? Do you want to get your word out to our community?

If you do, this service could be for you!

(And yes – it’s 100% FREE!)

Different Databases & Resources



YJP has a growing presence on the worlds most used and popular social network; Facebook. With close to 2K likes on our page, our average post will reach over 3K people (and that’s without boosting!). If you want us to plug your event, program or business, a Facebook post can go a very long way.

Our Website:

Our website insights show that we have hundreds of people visiting our website on a weekly basis. Not bad for a brand-new website hey? If you get your event, program or business information on our website for a certain time frame, your reach and presence could be taken to the next level.

Email Database:

Emails are the way everyone communicates. After recently changing our database system, we now send emails to close to 1,000 subscribers. YJP sends out information emails, campaigns and newsletters all the time. If you want your event, program, or business to be plugged in our email with an interactive link, you’ll tap into a whole new world.

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